7th Brussels Yoga Day
or the biggest yoga session in Belgium !

Sunday 21.06.2020 – 10:00 > 11:00

This international event invites everyone to be part of an unprecedented experience of togetherness while… staying at home !


💙☯️ À l'occasion du Brussels Yoga Day, Sandrine Dans vous invite à participer depuis chez vous à une gigantesque session de yoga ! ✌️👩

Publiée par Brussels Yoga Day sur Dimanche 21 juin 2020

For the pleasure of all and to the great joy of the asbl Vidonne, this Sunday the Smurfette puts on her yoga clothes.
At the unique Atomium and in a united spirit, the normally largest yoga session in Belgium – for the wellknown circumstances only with a very limited group of people –
will be live-streamed on this website and on the various RTL media,
at the occasion of the International Day of Yoga.

May you be – safely – part of this celebration !