Press review of the 2016 edition

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Bruzz International 2016
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Partners of the 2017 Edition

This edition of the Brussels Yoga Day is organized with the help of several partners that promote wellness, health, sport and balance
and with the support of the Brussels Capital Region, the Cocof and the City of Brussels.
By supporting the Brussels Yoga Day, Brussels reaffirms its dynamism in terms of programming positive and recreational events
and expresses its commitment toward the welfare of the inhabitants and prevention.

KBC Brussels
psychologies magazine
Cooking and Food
Atrium Brussels
Ville de Bruxelles

Also thanks to the following partners :

Magazine Elle, Mory Moving, Tulsi Tea, Golf 7 Fontaines Seniors, Hockey Together, Android 34, Weleda, Yyoga, Johanne Riss, Iyengar, Anja Yoga and Heartfullness.